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The Elite Townhomes


Custom Townhomes


Cincinnati, Ohio


in progress

This project consists of twelve townhomes to be constructed in four, three-unit phases in an urban hillside community adjacent to downtown Cincinnati. To date, the first phase has been completed. Similar to its rowhouse context, each townhome employs a four-story, vertical massing including a tandem garage and roof terrace. The wedge-shaped prototypical units bend, adjusting their street level façade to gesture to the curve of the street. This modification allows a site specific response to the collective assembly.

The first level of each townhome holds more private, compartmentalized spaces while the primary living spaces occupy the upper levels, taking advantage of city views. Large expanses of glazing on the front elevation allow light to enter and fill the double-height space, enhancing its open, fluid nature.

Renderings: Ryan Fellers

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