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1136 Fort View Residence


Custom Home


Cincinnati, Ohio



Situated in an urban hillside community comprised of detached rowhouses, the project site is a 25 ft wide by 130 ft deep lot on a bluff offering impressive views of the Ohio River Valley. As an adaptation and departure from the rowhouse type, this residence explores the relationship of home and its surroundings.

Contributing to the character of the design is the challenge to create a domestic experience capable of affording privacy while embodying the diverse lifestyle of an active couple. Given the site’s orientation to the river, the conventional arrangement of public/private is reversed; private rooms are located at the front and gathering spaces at the rear. This inversion is expressed in the difference between the front façade, closed to the street, and the rear façade, open to the panoramic view of the river.

Photography: Robert A. Cook

Awards & Publications

  • Honor Award, 1993 AIA Ohio Design Awards

  • Honor Award, 1993 AIA Cincinnati Design Awards

  • Merit Award, 1994 Builder Magazine Builder’s Choice Award

  • Merit Award, 1994 Professional BuilderBest in American Living Award

  • Residential Architect, October 2001

  • 1994 “The Critical Practice: Exhibition of Recent Projects” Walking Fish, Hudson and Arling/Jacobs Residences, The Machine Shop Gallery, University of Cincinnati

  • 1993 “Ohio by Design” Hudson and Arling/Jacobs Residences, Canton Art Institute, Canton, Ohio

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