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1137 Fort View Residence


Custom Home


Cincinnati, Ohio

Sitting directly across the street from 1136 Fort View, this home reinterprets the row house plan type that comprises the neighborhood. Owing to its limited views rather than looking outward, this home chooses to be inwardly focused. Mediating between earth and sky, the upper floors of explicit spaces are pierced by four light wells illuminating the open living level below. The vertical and horizontal entry progression extends the gradient between the publicness of the street and the privacy within.



Awards & Publications

  • Honor Award, 1994 AIA Ohio Design Awards

  • Honor Award, 1994 AIA Cincinnati Design Awards

  • Home of the Year, 1996 Custom Home Magazine Custom Home Design Awards

  • Cincinnati Magazine, November 2014

  • 1994 “The Critical Practice: Exhibition of Recent Projects” Walking Fish, Hudson and Arling/Jacobs Residences, The Machine Shop Gallery, University of Cincinnati

  • 1993 “Ohio by Design” Hudson and Arling/Jacobs Residences, Canton Art Institute, Canton, Ohio

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