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Celestial Street Residence


Custom Home Addition & Renovation


Cincinnati, Ohio



We were challenged to explore the possibility of creating a contemporary urban villa primarily within the confines of a recently purchased Tudor style bungalow. The existing structure had previously labored through two renovations that obscured its simple integrity. Rather than simply remodel the structure to accommodate current needs, a strategy was developed to transform the space by removing the roof structure and extruding the first-floor walls to form a two-story volume. The master suite was then inserted into this volume with only minimal connection to the exterior skin. The resulting poche becomes an active container of and filter for the light spilling into the space below. View and light are layered, diffracting the blinding glare and transforming the river view into the moment of viewing the river.

Photography: Seth Evan Boyd

Awards & Publications

  • Honor Award, 1996 AIA Cincinnati Design Awards

  • Grand Award Renovation, 1997 Custom Home Magazine Design Awards

  • Residential Architect, October 2001

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