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Edwards, Colorado Kitchen Renovation


Kitchen Renovation


Edwards, Colorado


Expected completion in the fall of 2024

Located in the mountains of Edwards, Colorado, this kitchen renovation sought to create a modern and more thoughtful space. The client requested more light and a more intentional design, as the previous layout did not promote gathering nor did it have any sense of continuity.

The main driver in the new kitchen layout was flipping the location of the range and refrigerator. By centering the range with the trusses above and framing them with an alcove the range wall becomes the focal point of the kitchen. By relocating the exterior door to give direct access to the patio, the existing opening was used to create a second window that further promoted the design symmetry of the range wall.

Instead of the refrigerator being this intrusive object in the space, we recessed it slightly into the wall and surrounded it with tall storage to both add more pantry space and seamlessly integrate it with the rest of the kitchen. Keeping with the language of framing the different elements of the kitchen, we surrounded the sink wall with wing walls and created a larger window opening allowing more light. Storage was removed from exterior walls and placed in base units, increasing the sense of openness.

The new L-shaped island provides more seating for gathering, while also providing an expansive work surface parallel to both the range and sink. These adjacencies will promote more interaction between guests and anyone utilizing the kitchen thereby achieving a more social setting.

The client had expressed the importance of their existing espresso machine and its integration into the kitchen, along with an existing wine fridge. To address both needs we designed a beverage center with a nook for the espresso machine, space for the wine fridge, and additional wine storage. Separate from the main part of the kitchen, we designed it to have a feel of its own with stainless and glass cabinet doors to match the wine fridge and a have general lighter feel.

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