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Walnut Woods

Residence Kitchen


Custom Home Interiors


Cincinnati, Ohio



The owner approached us to design a “log home” for a piece of land previously thought unbuildable by virtue of a steeply sloped hillside and creek running through it. We felt the house should work with the natural beauty of the site, rather than dominate it. By having the house span 45 ft over the existing creek bed, we were able to lift the living space off the ground, putting the house at eye level with the forest canopy.

The design uses materials prevalent throughout the house: cypress, steel, and glass. Black walnut flooring, claimed from trees that were cleared from the site during construction, runs continuously throughout. The cypress base cabinets are tinted to match the color of the cypress log walls. The glass at both the cabinet doors and backsplash reflect scenes of the surrounding forest, providing an additional layer of connectivity between the interior and exterior environments.

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